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Effective Use of Courtroom Technology: A Lawyer's Guide to Pretrial and Trial

Effective Use of Courtroom Technology: A Lawyer's Guide to Pretrial and Trial

Stop fumbling around with your slides and videos and turn your court exhibits in from dull and unruly to simple and effective. While technology is designed to make our lives easier, it can easily distract from your presentation if you are not in control of it.

Authors Frank Rothschild, Donald Beskind, Anthony Bocchino, and Deanne Siemer have teamed up to help you overcome your handicaps with electronic equipment. This jargon-free, how-to book explains real issues and describes the technology driving the issues. A CD-ROM is included with computer generated exhibits and a copy of the Microsoft Appeal e-brief, courtesy of The appendices include rules regarding use of technology in federal courts, ensuring that even experienced dogs can learn new tricks.


"Effective Use of Courtroom Technology will not only assuage our fear of technology but will also open the door for many of us to engage in visually richer, more creative, and less expensive forms of advocacy."

-The Federal Lawyer, January 2003

"In less than five years, every United States District Court in the country will be wired for every conceivable courtroom gizmo. And if you don't know how to use them you will be in deep trouble. Deanne Siemer has put together the book that tells you how to use everything - and how to avoid all the classic mistakes."

-James W. McElhaney, Joseph C. Hostetler Professor of Trial Practice and Advocacy, Case Western Reserve University Law School

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