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Cardinal Rules of Advocacy

Cardinal Rules of Advocacy

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Judge Douglas Lavine claims there are certain recurring, core principles of persuasion that can be studied, and when mastered lead to successful advocacy. Lavine's unique interdisciplinary approach draws from history, literature, psychology, drama, religion, and the law to discuss the fundamental principles of effective persuasion that will help all lawyers win cases and avoid serious errors.

Whether just starting to practice law, or a practitioner of many years, you will find Cardinal Rules of Advocacy to be a thought-provoking exploration that will reignite the recognition that advocacy has a noble history and is, at its highest and best, not just a job - but an art form.


"Cardinal Rules of Advocacy is more than a primer on how an attorney can become a better advocate, even a better lawyer. Because of Judge Lavine's erudition, because of his integrity, and, yes, because of the wisdom that shines through it, this is a moral book with a profoundly moral message on how the reader himself can become a better person."

-Robert Satter, Connecticut Bar Journal

"Cardinal Rules of Advocacy presents the fundamental principles of persuasion in a clear and easy to understand format. . . This is a highly recommended read for anyone who needs to persuade others."

-Winner 2003 Readers Preference Editor's Choice Awards for Rhetoric and Influence

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