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Theater Tips & Strategies by David Ball

Theater Tips & Strategies by David Ball

You may not be Al Pacino, but you can be just as convincing to your jury with these subtle techniques that the best attorneys in the world employ. This practical step-by-step guide by renowned jury consultant and best-selling trial advocacy author David Ball will transform you into a seasoned performer, with guidance for voir dire, openings and closings, testimony, and focus groups.

You'll also become a director preparing your cast of witnesses to testify clearly, credibly, and memorably. Become a master of improvisation to navigate your way through the surprises that creep up in jury trials (instead of being blindsided by them). Did law school teach you how to act in a courtroom? This book will.


"I took an acting class a couple of months ago from an attorney who also is an actor. He recommended your book, which I recently finished. I have been practicing over 20 years with my share of successes and failures. I could not put your book down. It is really the best trial book I have ever read. I can't believe the number of things I was doing wrong - and how much common sense your solutions involve. This book should be required reading in every law school trial practice class. I wish I had read it long ago. Thanks for helping me become a better lawyer."

-Kevin L. Swick, Keating, Ritchie & Swick, Cincinnati, Ohio

"This book provides great insight, especially for lawyers who welcome going to trial."

-Wisconsin Lawyer, July 2004

"This book provides an excellent guideline for the trial lawyer looking to improve his or her trial presentation skills... It is also a great resource for the trial consultant who is helping lawyers to achieve improved performance in trial practice and can be used as a checklist when observing the performance of others."

-CourtCall (American Society of Trial Consultants), Spring 2004 issue

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ISBN: 9781556817793

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