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Facts Can't Speak for Themselves: Reveal the Stories that Give Facts Their Meaning

Facts Can't Speak for Themselves: Reveal the Stories that Give Facts Their Meaning

Every decision maker is influenced by far more than his or her background and beliefs. Each judge, negotiator, mediator and juror has an imagination and they use it to create more than one version of your client's case story. They then settle on one private version of your story with which they decide your case.

Facts Can't Speak for Themselves by Eric Oliver offers trial attorneys proven ways to uncover the full range of those "rewritten" stories in focus groups, and how to take their best elements into court and other venues to deliver a story that is more likely to persuade than the one you thought you had.

Highlights include:

•   How and why legal decision makers construct their own case stories and use them to decide a case
•   The importance of crafting and communicating a case to decision makers as a story and why it can be the most direct and influential way to address decision makers
•   Which focus groups best reveal the range of stories versions listeners can build from your case
•   How to run voir dire like focus groups and focus groups like voir dire
•   Why you should never ask focus group members which side in a case they like
•   Why you should think twice before ever again asking a "why" question in voir dire or focus groups
•   How to leave the "bad juror" mindset behind
•   How to take full advantage of the only four channels available to deliver any legal case

Appendices include function follows form, a glossary, sample opening statements and small group standards and guidelines.

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