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Technology in Litigation

Technology in Litigation

Master the electronic courtroom and learn how to benefit from the wealth of productivity enhancements today's technology offers. Lindsay has simplified the learning curve for you by designing and presenting a powerful package of materials that present practical critical information for using technology in all phases of the litigation process. By viewing the five video segments and reading the accompanying booklet, you will painlessly learn how become proficient with today's most popular software applications and tools available in each phase of the case management process.

Technology in Litigation features:

•  Exclusive video footage of the interior of a Federal Circuit Court
•  In-depth advice on how to prepare, build, and present a case using available technology and most current e-discovery practices
•  Relevant recent changes to and how to stay current with e-discovery law

Software programs, research materials and resources, computer presentation hardware and available peripherals, common courtroom settings and their limitations, and recommended websites, to name a few, are all examined in-depth.

The concepts presented will assist with:

•  Using pretrial discovery methods and technology to prepare the case
•  Using technology to build the case
•  Using technology to present the case
•  Keeping current with changing law surrounding e-discovery
•  Preparing well-designed and well-written pleadings and other motions documents
•  Preparing and presenting effective actual and demonstrative evidence

The DVDs and booklet are thoughtfully organized for ease of use. The materials present the core techniques litigation professionals must understand to use the most widely-used products and faster, better, and less expensively than formerly possible, whether in court, arbitration, mediation competently deal with the most common technical issues. Learn to use technology to present cases, settlement conferences, or client meetings. The package includes 3 DVDs and a 162 page booklet.


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