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How to Try a Jury Case

How to Try a Jury Case

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Anyone who properly prepares for trial and follows common-sense rules of persuasion and advocacy can be a good advocate in the courtroom. How to Try a Jury Case is an essential text for training law school students, as well as beginning litigators, to communicate with jurors and achieve their clients' objectives at trial.

Author John Kimberling tells how to prepare a case for trial and leads the lawyer through the opening statement, presentation of evidence, cross-examination, and closing argument. By studying this text, the beginner will avoid common mistakes.


"This book should be required reading for all young litigators with little jury trial experience. It comprehensively covers most of the hurdles facing a new jury trial lawyer. It is written by a masterful trial lawyer. Jack Kimberling was the best trial lawyer I saw in my nearly 50 years in court rooms."

-Francis J. MacLaughlin, White & Case (retired partner)

"Mr. Kimberling's book gives good value to lawyers by offering "hidden gems" in preparing for and conducting a jury trial, such as keeping your last peremptory challenge because the next juror presented might be worse than the one you were going to challenge [and] making sure that the Judge actually says aloud that exhibits you offer are "admitted." Kimberling also includes several VERY useful lists of questions to ask jurors and witnesses. This is a first rate book!"

-William B. Thompson, Attorney, Wheaton, Illinois

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