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Scruggs v. Snyder, Second Edition

Scruggs v. Snyder, Second Edition

A six-year-old child ran across a busy highway. Lynn Snyder was driving along that highway and struck the child, possibly causing him to suffer a severe closed-head injury. Moments prior to the accident, a number of motorists including Snyder noticed the boy fidgeting by the fog line of the road. The defendant denies negligence on his part, and the state patrol officer who investigated the accident determined that there was not enough time for Snyder to stop before making contact with the child. The plaintiffs, supported by a number of eyewitnesses, claim that there was more than enough time for the defendant to avoid hitting the child. It is important to note that both the plaintiffs and the defendant rely heavily on demonstrative evidence in this case. Scruggs v. Snyder includes a DVD containing expert witness reconstruction of the accident for both sides and a video walk through of the accident site. There are four witnesses for both the plaintiffs and the defendant.

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