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Mastering the Art of Cross Examination DVD Set

Mastering the Art of Cross Examination DVD Set

Each of the 11 programs in the series takes an in-depth look at how to conduct an effective cross examination of a particular type of trial witness. Professor Younger begins each program by discussing the problems an attorney encounters with that type of witness. He explores the various cross examination techniques available to overcome the problems and the potential pitfalls involved. Each program continues with a demonstration cross examination. Professor Younger follows each demonstration with probing interviews of those who conducted the demonstration. He questions them about the techniques they used, how the examination fits into their theory of the case, and how the cross examination could be used in closing argument.

This DVD set also comes with a supporting book of problems.

Eleven DVDs (8:45:00) 1987:

•  Cross-Examining the Well-Prepared Witness (59:20)
•  Cross-Examining the Sympathetic Witness (47:38)
•  Cross-Examining the Hostile Witness (51:36)
•  Cross-Examining the Biased Witness (30:46)
•  Cross-Examining the Eyewitness (52:19)
•  Cross-Examining the Child Witness (39:12)
•  Cross-Examining the Opposite-Sex Witness (45:44)
•  Cross-Examining the Law-Enforcement Witness (41:29)
•  Cross-Examining the Expert Medical Witness (35:08)
•  Cross-Examining the Expert Accountant Witness (51:46)
•  Cross-Examining the Expert Attorney Witness (54:50)


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