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Dependable Bank V. Aldrich Case File Combo

Dependable Bank V. Aldrich Case File Combo

Dependable Bank v. Aldrich is also available in these versions by calling 1-800-533-1637:

Defendants Edition
ISBN 9781556818721
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Plaintiffs Edition
ISBN 9781556816891
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Dependable Bank claims that one of its officers, Alice Aldrich, is guilty of misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of loyalty, and business disparagement. Allegedly, Aldrich misappropriated confidential client information when she became president of ABC Asset Management, Co. This pretrial case file is designed to teach students discovery skills. Components include factual allegations on all four counts, answers, counterclaims, reply to counterclaims, and many legal documents. There are four witnesses for the plaintiff and the defendant. This combo includes one copy each of the Defendant Edition and Plaintiff Edition. Additionally, there are two witnesses for ABC Asset Management.

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Publisher: NITA

Format: ,Case File

ISBN: 9781422479131

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