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Criminal Procedure in Practice

Criminal Procedure in Practice

Now in its Third Edition, Criminal Procedure in Practice provides practical guidance for attorneys during each stage of a criminal case -- from the police investigation immediately following the crime to issues involving the double jeopardy clause. Authors Jack Zimmermann and Paul Marcus interpret constitutional principles and case law, and provide commentary that applies to both the prosecution and defense in federal, state, or military courts.

Practitioners of military law especially will appreciate the helpful references and explanations specific to this area of law. This latest edition includes a discussion of clemency and parole in the military justice system. The newly revised examination of Confrontation Clause issues reflects the Supreme Court's decision in Crawford v. Washington (and the cases that follow, including Giles v. California), which marked a significant change in the interpretation of that clause. In addition, the updated analysis of relevant case law includes recent important Supreme Court cases impacting the death penalty in non-homicide cases, the constitutionality of lethal injection, the application of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and much more. Click here to download the 2010 Supplement

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