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Trial Book, Third Edition

Trial Book, Third Edition

Trialbook provides law students and legal professionals with the systematic structure needed to be an effective advocate. Now in Trialbook's Third Edition, authors John Sonsteng and Roger Haydock outline the entire trial process and assist readers in developing their strategies and tactics.

Applicable to both criminal and civil cases, this book can be used to prepare a case in all dispute resolution formats, whether in court, an administrative hearing, or arbitration.

The book consists of five chapters:

•  Planning the case
•  Opening and closing arguments
•  Examining witnesses, including direct, cross and expert examinations
•  Evidence, objections, and exhibits
•  Jury selection and instruction

Trialbook uses forms to guide in the planning and organization of a case. A CD-ROM in the back of the book provides those forms electronically, so that they can be tailored to individual cases throughout one's practice. It is a relevant guide and reference for all law students as well as lawyers throughout their careers.

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