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David Ball on Damages 3

David Ball on Damages 3



On almost every page, David Ball on Damages 3 provides improvements and refinements based on the last five years' cases across the country and hundreds of hours of intensive juror and case research, including:

•  An enhanced, easy-to-follow outline guide for opening statements--including a detailed annotated template to walk you through the best possible way to do an opening
•  Powerful new jury voir dire methods
•  Essential new "invisible control" cross-examination techniques
•  How to integrate Rules of the Road, Reptile, and David Ball on Damages into a single, powerful approach at every stage of preparation and trial

After the first printing, we revised the index to include approximately 200 additional terms. To download the new index, CLICK HERE.


"David Ball is damages; nobody does it better. His first two editions of David Ball on Damages overhauled the work of every good plaintiff's lawyer in America. David refuses to do new editions until he has enough new material to make a new edition necessary and worthwhile. So David Ball on Damages 3 transcends brilliant. He gives 'ball veterans' loads of new and explosive ammunition, and provides an easy learning curve for newcomers. We all have to archive the red one and dive into this white one."

-Don Keenan, Atlanta

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Publisher: NITA

Format: Third Edition, Perfect Bound,Print Book

ISBN: 9781601561541

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