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Effective Advocate Training Program: Arbitration Advocacy DVD Set

Effective Advocate Training Program: Arbitration Advocacy DVD Set

What if there could be 16 leading advocacy experts from around the country in a private classroom as guest lecturers teaching arbitration and trial advocacy skills? What if they were always available? Now they are with the 21st Century Textbook, Arbitration Advocacy.
Utilizing 16 advocacy experts and the latest instructional technology, delivered in a reliable easy to use DVD format, Arbitration Advocacy brings the case of Midstate v. Rogers to life in a powerful self-directed learning environment that is as valuable for advocates as it is for instructors.

Carefully crafted lectures and performances critiqued by an expert panel turn the case into a learning experience as it unfolds. Mini-lectures on relevant topics such as case analysis, opening statements and witness examinations provide in-depth instruction that can augment classroom lectures and provide advocates the opportunity to explore topics more in-depth on their own.

The realism of the case is enhanced by a complete set of exhibits that can be examined in real-time as they are presented. The Federal Rules of Evidence can be seen when there are objections and rulings by the arbitrator during the case.

A complete 295 page Trial Book is included in a digital format, complete with editable forms so that there is everything for advocates to prepare and present a case themselves. Bring the classroom into the 21st century with this powerful effective advocate training program.

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"A powerful new way to teach and learn"

- Greg Smith, Editor in Chief, NITA

"This is far better than any textbook I have ever used. I keep going back to it over and over again."

- Brittany, Law Student

"You could never bring this much talent together for one course. The breadth and depth of the content is astounding."

- Margaret Marrinan, District Judge

"This has the potential to revolutionize the entire legal textbook industry.."

- Frank Harris, Executive Director, Minnesota CLE

"An advocacy training game changer."

- Angela Vigil, Attorney, Baker & Mckenzie

"A terrific way to learn effective advocacy skills on your own time and at your own pace".

- Christine Ver Ploeg, Professor & Arbitrator


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