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Trial Advocacy for the Child Welfare Lawyer: Telling the Story of the Family

Trial Advocacy for the Child Welfare Lawyer: Telling the Story of the Family

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From case analysis and opening statement through closing argument, Trial Advocacy for the Child Welfare Lawyer: Telling the Story of the Family is a concise and comprehensive treatment of the trial. It incorporates generations of trial advocacy wisdom into the context of juvenile and family court proceedings.

A veteran instructor of the teaching methodology of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), Marvin Ventrell walks you through a “how-to method” of each stage of the case, using real-life examples of child welfare cases. These essential lessons extend beyond child welfare proceedings and provide insight and skills applicable to all family and domestic relations cases. Trials, effectively presented, are stories--stories of mothers, fathers, children--stories of the family. Trial Advocacy for the Child Welfare Lawyer teaches you how to present the story of the family from the unique and powerful perspective of each litigant. From nuts and bolts to advanced practice techniques, each trial skill is treated as a mechanism of persuasion for both judge and jury.

This publication reflects Ventrell’s three decades of experience as a litigator, teacher, writer, trial skills instructor, trial competition coach, and juvenile and family law policy consultant. It is a unique and important contribution to the art and tradition of American trial advocacy.


"Marvin Ventrell has made a profound contribution to the field of child welfare law with this succinct and practical book. It really should be required reading for all lawyers appearing in child welfare court. It is an artful blending of the essentials of trial advocacy with the particulars of child welfare court. This book will empower attorneys to provide improved advocacy for children, parents, and agencies . . . and that, in turn, will lead to better judicial outcomes for our most vulnerable children and their families."

-Jennifer L. Renne, Esq., Director, National Child Welfare Resource Center, American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, Washington, DC

“Marvin Ventrell always starts his analysis at the right place: children’s cases merit the same standards of excellence as do any other cases. In this book, he incorporates the best of traditional trial theory and practice to create a comprehensive “how to” manual for lawyers trying cases involving children and families. This book will benefit all lawyers, from novices to experienced litigators.”

-Richard Cozzola, Esq., Supervisory Attorney, Children's Law Project, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

“Children and families deserve the best that advocates have to offer--and no one knows better than Marvin Ventrell how to teach those advocates how to practice their craft. This book conveys meaningful and practical knowledge on how to effectively represent clients who are often the most vulnerable people in the courtroom. I've had the honor of teaching with Mr. Ventrell for many years; this book sets out on the printed page the knowledge and passion that he conveys in person. It’s a masterpiece on the art of child advocacy by a master of the art."

-Hon. Robert McGahey District Court Trial Judge, Denver County, Denver, Colorado

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