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Superior Speech and Hearing Center v. Baines

Superior Speech and Hearing Center v. Baines

This case involves a noncompete clause in an employment contract.

Jillian Baines had an employment contract with Superior Speech and Hearing Center ("Superior")located in West Hampton, Nita, and worked for Superior for a year. Marty Allen is the owner and director of Superior. Jillian's contract included a noncompete clause. After her contract expired, she continued with Superior to train a replacement. However, Baines recently left Superior to work for her husband's company, River Island View Audiologists, P.A. ("River Island"), located across the Island River in Red Oak. River Island is Superior's biggest competitor. Superior had a renewable contract with Independent School District 100A ("School District"), which has expired. All students in the School District are residents of West Hampton. The school system decided not to renew the contract with Superior. River Island has just been awarded the public school system contract. Superior filed a summons and complaint in state court, and the defendant, Jillian Baines, answered. In the complaint, the plaintiff is asking for a permanent injunction to enforce the noncompete clause of the employment contract and for other relief. The matter is now before the court in regard to a temporary injunction (restraining order) to prevent Jillian Baines from working with River Island until the permanent injunction matter can be heard.

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