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State v. Kartal

State v. Kartal

John Paul Kartal has been charged by criminal complaint with a number of crimes, including burglary, robbery, and assault, that arose from an incident the home of Sarah Ramsey. On the evening of the incident, Ramsey arrived home and encountered a person inside her house. Ramsey yelled to the person that she had called the police. The person ran past her and knocked her down as he left her home. The burglar ran to a car parked in front of Ramsey's house. While Ramsey cannot positively identify the defendant as the person she encountered, he does match the description she gave to the police. Police Officer Marty Oliver was the first to arrive at the Ramsey home. Ramsey told Officer Oliver that the burglar was carrying a baseball bat when he ran out of her home, wore blue jeans, a black windbreaker, tan gloves, a dark baseball cap that was worn backwards, and a red bandana over the lower part of his face. Ramsey said her jewelry, $500 in cash, and a new stereo was taken from her living room. Ramsey also said her small jewelry box with her initials on the bottom was taken. Ramsey then gave a description of the burglar's vehicle. Ramsey and Officer Oliver prepared a diagram of Ramsey's home, yard, driveway, and street. Officer Oliver took a picture of the wood chisel that was found laying on the carpet inside the front door. There was no indication of a break-in or that the chisel had been used. Ramsey said the chisel was not hers.

Officer Oliver later discovered a car matching the description given by Ramsey outside the home where John Paul Kartal lived. Officer Oliver conducted a search of that car and discovered a jewelry box matching Ramsey's description on top of litter on the floor behind the passenger's seat. Officer Oliver prepared a diagram of Kartal's car and prepared a separate diagram of the front of the residence where he lives, showing the location of Kartal's car. Officer Oliver spoke to Kartal, arrested him in his home, and accompanied him to his bedroom so he could get dressed. Then Officer Oliver searched the bedroom and found a dark baseball cap and a dark windbreaker. The jewelry, a baseball bat, or bandana were not found. Officer Oliver also prepared a diagram of Kartal's bedroom that was searched when he was arrested, showing the locations of the baseball cap and windbreaker discovered during the search. At a lineup that was held later at the police station, Sarah Ramsey identified John Paul Kartal as a person who "looked like" the burglar she saw running from her home.

John Paul Kartal is twenty years old and a citizen of Turkey. He is an exchange student in his second year at Midstate University in the State of Nita. Kartal cooperated with the police and explained that he lent his car to a friend and that he (Kartal) did not commit the burglary.

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