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In Re Halbrock - Appellate File

In Re Halbrock - Appellate File

The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility petitioned the Supreme Court for disciplinary action in regard to Timothy B. Halbrock alleging the following: Misappropriation of Funds from Power Mitey Corporation; Misappropriation of Funds from Osborn, Lewis, Halbrock & Albert Law firm and Failure to File and Pay Employee Withholding Taxes; Failure to Pay Personal Income Tax and File Returns; and Failure to communicate with Client. The Supreme Court assigned a referee to hear the matter and make recommendations concerning appropriate discipline. The referee recommended that Halbrock be suspended, not disbarred, and a three-year stay of the discipline be granted. The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility appealed the referee's finding and the matter is now before the Supreme Court. Briefs were filed in support of and in opposition to the referee's recommendation on behalf of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility.

Timothy B. Halbrock has been a lawyer for seventeen years. Halbrock specialized in the area of small business incorporation and advising small corporations in legal and financial matters. He was a partner for nine years in the law firm of Osborn, Lewis, Halbrock & Albert. Halbrock served on the firm's management committee and was the firm's president for two years shortly after becoming a partner. For the past five years Halbrock was the partner responsible for the financial aspects of the firm. The firm grew considerably while Halbrock was a partner. The growth was due in part to Halbrock's success in attracting small corporate clients over the past nine years.

Halbrock had an unblemished record as an attorney until recent problems surfaced in the pending disciplinary action.

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