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Effective Closing Argument, Second Edition

Effective Closing Argument, Second Edition

Effective Closing Argument addresses the crucial subject of closing argument in an illuminating and exciting manner. Early on there is a dissertation on psychology and philosophy as they are related to the art of persuasion. These are foundation stones on which a persuasive closing argument is built, yet they have seldom if ever been systematically presented. The core ideas of the classical art of rhetoric are presented with vibrancy and in a manner most useful to the trial lawyer.

The book also contains an almost complete compendium of the law pertaining to closing argument. This survey clearly answers the fundamental questions about what you can and cannot do in a closing argument. It is also thorough and comprehensive; the discussion of the case law contains case citations from virtually all jurisdictions. There is also a state by state chart of the many, many case authorities.

The main portion of the book consists of a case by case study of carefully selected closing arguments, both civil and criminal. This consists of verbatim closing arguments, together with an analytical discussion of each case by the author and often by the lawyers who made the summations.

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