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Reagan v. Jacobson

Reagan v. Jacobson

This case involves a collision between two cars. First Street, the two-way street on which the accident occurred, is narrow and not well lit. Cars were parked on both sides of the street, which permitted only one lane of traffic. There is no marked center line. Chris Reagan, the plaintiff, was the owner of a car that was parked facing north on First Street. While Reagan was attempting to close the car door, a southbound car struck the door, causing Reagan to suffer an injured wrist and arm. Jody Jacobson is the defendant and was the driver of the southbound car. While driving down the center of the roadway between a large truck parked on the west side of First Street and Reagan’s car, Jacobson tried to avoid the open door of Reagan’s car, but struck it and swerved to the right curb, striking a pole on the right (west) side of the street. Although the air bag engaged, Jacobson’s left knee struck the dashboard of the car, injuring the kneecap and ligaments in the left knee.

The accident occurred next to the Ajax College of Business. Jacobson, a student at Ajax, completed classes for the day, left the school parking lot by car, and drove onto First Street. Cars parked on both sides of the street limited visibility, causing a very narrow path for cars to travel. Reagan, an administrative assistant to the Dean at Ajax, finished a report about the same time classes ended, walked to the car parked on the street, and got in his car. The interior lights did not work and did not go on when Reagan opened the car door. Reagan re-opened the car door to let light in to help find the car keys that he had dropped to the floor while he was trying to put the key in the ignition. There is a dispute regarding how long the car door was open before the accident.

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