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State v. Bloodworth, Second Edition

State v. Bloodworth, Second Edition

A frantic 911 call about an unconscious intruder brought police to Gene Bloodworth's home, but was that the real story? Three days before his death, Kenneth Fletcher was found unconscious on the floor of Bloodworth's condo. Bloodworth claims that Fletcher broke into his home and had a knife. Bloodworth also claims he was defending himself when he struck Fletcher and knocked him out. Fletcher claimed that he and Bloodworth had been drinking together that night and that Bloodworth invited him to his condo and then attacked him.

Three days after the incident at Bloodworth's condo, Fletcher was found dead. Cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. Bloodworth was charged with first-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty. He contends that he was acting in self-defense and that Fletcher's alcoholism contributed to his death. The second edition of State v. Bloodworth now includes extensive social media exhibits, giving participants a chance to work with this new and important form of evidence and the challenges it presents. There are four witnesses for both sides, including forensic pathologist experts. This criminal case file is designed to be used as a full trial.

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