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Addison v. Peyton

Addison v. Peyton

In this civil case version of State v. Peyton, Taylor Addison has filed a complaint against Jordan Peyton alleging negligence and negligence per se. Addison further alleges that Peyton operated her car in an unsafe manner while under the influence of alcohol and struck Addison's car causing the coffee he was holding to spill over onto his hand, which resulted in severe burns. Addison is seeking relief for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, and car damages.

The following civil trial issues are explored:

• medical expert testimony
• character evidence
• criminal conviction impeachment
• bias impeachment
• prior recorded testimony
• evidence from a 911 call
• breath test computer printout

There are two witnesses for the Plaintiff and two for the Defense. Addison v. Peyton also offers optional expert testimony for each party on Peyton's likely BAC at the time of the accident. Parties are gender neutral and can be played by either man or woman. Digital versions of the exhibits are provided on the accompanying CD for student use.

The author has also created an extensive teaching manual not only to help the professor with testimony but to provide skill exercises in refreshing recollection, impeachment by omission, impeachment by prior inconsistent statements, impeachment with bias, and expert voir dire.

Law professors may request the teaching notes for this publication by emailing

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