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Powell v. SuperPulper, Inc., Second Edition

Powell v. SuperPulper, Inc., Second Edition

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Robin Powell has filed a wrongful death suit against SuperPulper, Inc. after her husband, Steven Powell, died as a result of falling into a hydrapulper manufactured by SuperPulper. The complaint alleges that the hydrapulper was defective because there were not sufficient guards and warnings on and around the hydrapulper.

The case file includes two witnesses for each side as well as engineering and pain and suffering experts. It can be used as a liability case only or, with the addition of the pain and suffering experts, a liability and damages case.

This detailed fact pattern and supporting illustrative exhibits will provide law students and trial lawyers with an opportunity to creatively and effectively argue their respective theories. Powell v. SuperPulper, Inc. can be applied to teach trial advocacy techniques on both liability and/or damages. In that regard, the liability and damage phase contains its own witnesses and exhibits to facilitate bifurcation or to allow trial as one matter.

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