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NANO Search, Inc.™ v. St. Helens Worldwide Technology™

NANO Search, Inc.™ v. St. Helens Worldwide Technology™

This is a trade secret case brought about by an Internet search technology company based in Silicon Valley, Nita, called NANO Search, Inc.™ ("NANO") against St. Helens Worldwide Technology™ ("St.Helens") based in Bellingham, West-State. NANO claims that St. Helens misappropriated its trade secrets in St. Helens's design of a recently launched search feature called the Family Finder. This service competes with a newly developed service at NANO called Anytime, Anywhere, People Locator. Specifically, NANO claims that its former employee, Erin Soderberg, who was a program manager at NANO deeply involved in the initial planning for the Anytime, Anywhere, People Locator, was lured to St. Helens by an attractive job offer and that while at St. Helens, Erin used trade secret information in Erin's new role as a general manager in St. Helens's search group to design the Family Finder service.

Patent and copyright matters are not an issue in this exercise. The focus of this case is on trade secret violations. NANO had potential contracts for the sale of Anytime, Anywhere, People Locator and projected millions of dollars of profits from the product. When St. Helens's Family Finder product entered the market, NANO's potential contracts were cancelled. St. Helens's projects product sales in the hundreds of thousands of units and multi-million dollars in profit.

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