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30(b)(6) Rules: Talking to an Organization

30(b)(6) Rules: Talking to an Organization

The Rule 30(b)(6) organization deposition is the most powerful and efficient discovery tool available in complex litigation. In this handy and practical pocket guide, David Malone will help you get the most out of your chance to talk to--and pin down--organizations.

Topics include:

     •  Obligations of both parties
     •  Differences between the 30(b)(6) deposition and "named deponent" depositions
     •  When and why to take a 30(b)(6) deposition
     •  How to take a 30(b)(6) deposition
     •  Understanding the specifications
     •  Finding, preparing, and defending the designee
     •  Consequences of within the specifications -- and questioning beyond the specifications
     •  How the Rule 30(b)(6) deposition affects nonparties

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Publisher: NITA

Format: Spiral Bound, 200 pgs.,BOOK

ISBN: 9781601563309

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