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LexisNexis and our alliance partners work closely together to share expertise and resources, enabling us to enhance our products and services.

LexisNexis Bar Association Member Benefit Program Since 1986, LexisNexis has worked with bar associations and law libraries to offer affordable legal research and related products. LexisNexis also offers diversity initiatives, pro bono grants, Web site content, and non-dues revenue sharing. Learn more »

Compliance 360 Compliance 360 (www.compliance360.com) offers access the latest updates to rules and regulations, public records and other actionable content through LexisNexis and automatically workflow-enables that information into your legal department or other compliance-related business areas. Utilizing the solution, managers can better respond to external regulatory events, stay abreast of newly proposed or enacted laws and regulations applicable to their businesses and more effectively manage the impact changing laws and regulations have on corporate compliance programs.  

LexisNexis has formed an alliance with Compliance 360 to create the industry's first offering of superior legal, regulatory, company and news content integrated with a compliance management solution. Utilizing Compliance 360's content acquisition engine, users have the ability to seamlessly link updated content from LexisNexis with other corporate compliance data for more effective change management. Learn more »

Government Alliances LexisNexis has relationships with national associations and entities that provide service and support to public officials in the United States. LexisNexis often sponsors annual meetings, continuing legal & judicial education seminars, and unique benefits. Learn more »

International Alliances LexisNexis reaches out to attorneys from across the world through strong relationships with international bar associations. Learn more »

National Alliances LexisNexis has relationships with national associations in the United States. These mutually beneficial relationships allow LexisNexis to sponsor annual meetings, CLE seminars, and other events. Association members may have access to unique benefits. Learn more »

State Alliances LexisNexis has relationships with many American state associations. These mutually beneficial relationships allow LexisNexis to sponsor annual meetings, CLE seminars, other events, and offer unique benefts.
Learn more »

StateNet State Net (//www.statenet.com/) Headquartered in Sacramento, California, StateNet has been delivering vital legislative and regulatory intelligence and in-depth reporting to the government relations community for over 30 years. In a continued effort to maintain market leadership, the company monitors every bill in every state, the District of Columbia and Congress, as well as every state and federal administrative regulation. In addition to Sacramento, StateNet maintains offices in several states and Washington, DC.  

LexisNexis has formed an alliance with StateNet to deliver vital data, legislative intelligence and in-depth reporting for people who care about the actions of government, and monitor rules and regulations for compliance purposes. State Net monitors every bill in the 50 states, District of Columbia and Congress and every state agency regulation. Learn more »

Other Strategic Alliances LexisNexis has relationships with a variety of companies that allow us to extend the technology, products and services that we can offer to our customers. Learn more »


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