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LexisNexis Prior Art Search Services

Personal prior art searching, performed by the most trusted name in the business. Economical and thorough, our search reports come with relevant information highlighted, as well as copies of the cited prior art.


Whether you need high-tech expert analysis or a "routine" novelty search - LexisNexis and REEDFAX deliver expert results.

Our patent search reports are competitively priced and come with expert commentary on each cited patent, not just a list of patent numbers. The result? You save time with an outstanding patent search report that is accurate, with commentary that highlights search relevance.


Our patent researchers are subject matter experts in fields such as biology and biotechnology, chemistry and chemical engineering, computer hardware and software, electronics, micro fabrication, photonics and physics. Your patent searches will be performed by a researcher who intimately understands the subject matter of your search.


Pricing based on type and complexity of search. Call our customer service team for assistance.

Telephone: 1-800-7-PATENT, 1-800-422-1337 or 215-441-4768
Fax: 1-800-421-5585 or 215-441-5463
Email: email@reedfax.com

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