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LexisNexis® Data Centers
Two Data Centers house one of the most complete and comprehensive collections of online information in the world
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Allan M. McLaughlin
Sr. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Dave Diemunsch
Sr. Director, Data Center

Stephanie Singer
Sr. Director, Data Center

The LexisNexis Data Center, located in Miamisburg, Ohio, is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. The complex consists of networked servers, software and telecommunications equipment that are the backbone for a wide range of LexisNexis® products and services. It serves LexisNexis customers, including Reed Elsevier sister companies, with online services, data hosting and back-up services. It also services the internal needs of the company for application development, testing, certification and administrative services.

In 2004, LexisNexis opened a remote data center and development facility in Springfield, Ohio. Each facility serves as a backup and disaster recovery facility for the other. The Springfield center also will host new product development.

The data centers house one of the most complete and comprehensive collections of information in the world.

Customers use LexisNexis services that span multiple servers and operating systems.  When a customer submits a search request, these systems search massive amounts of information and return an answer set, usually within six to 10 seconds. The online services average greater than 99.99 percent for availability and reliability. This service is available to 5 million subscribers.

The online services include nearly 5 billion documents of source information stored in the Miamisburg facility and also provide access to several sources of externally hosted data, such as Dun & Bradstreet Business Reports, Delaware Secretary of State, Real-Time Quote and Historical Quote. The Miamisburg Data Center supports well over $2 billion in online revenue for Reed Elsevier, with approximately 75 percent of the processing supporting LNG online products and 25 percent supporting Elsevier online products. One of the major initiatives for Data Center Services is to provide capacity expansion for future hosting opportunities that will continue to grow the percentage of total Reed Elsevier revenue from these online products.

Computing Power

The Miamisburg complex includes 11 large mainframe servers that run 34 MVS operating systems images. In addition, more than 300 mid-range Unix servers and nearly 1000 multi-processor NT servers provide a wide array of computing services — including the pre-eminent U.S. caselaw citation systems, delivery of patent images to customers, hosting ‘channel’ data for Reed Elsevier and providing computing resources for the LexisNexis global enterprise. These powerful processors are networked and, cumulatively, they have access to more than 500 terabytes (or trillion characters) of data-storage capacity. The vast majority of that storage is used for internal systems, with 30 terabytes constituting the online service itself.

The Springfield center operates over 100 servers and manages over 100 terabytes of data storage.

LexisNexis has developed a huge telecommunications network to serve its customers and to support its extensive data-collection requirements. The number of customer searches annually is more than 1 billion. High-speed lines, modems and multiplexors, firewalls, bridges and routers provide an amazing amount of connectivity. Communications options provide customers with tremendous flexibility, security and cost-effective communications choices. A number of popular system access options are supported, including the Internet, private telecommunications services and other online network services.

Serving as an integral link between the telecommunications and computing sections of the LexisNexis complex are 18 front-end processors. Several of these provide the capacity to support simultaneous user sessions for the LexisNexis online services, plus extra capacity for growth.

Physical Features

The Miamisburg data center hub consists of 45,000 square feet of raised floor, plus 28,000 square feet of electrical/mechanical equipment to meet the needs of the center. The Springfield center consists of over 60,000 square feet with over 20,000 square feet available for raised floor.

The data center hardware, software and electrical/mechanical systems are engineered with multiple levels of redundancy to provide uninterrupted service in the event a single component fails. The systems are tested and maintained routinely to ensure they perform properly in case of an emergency. In addition, all critical data is copied and stored off-site, and emergency business-resumption plans are tested multiple times per year.

The data center and telecommunications staffs provide system management and control for the entire complex, utilizing third-party automation software. System management services are provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by a staff of skilled operations engineers.  Additional specialists are available, on site or on call, to provide the very best system support.

LexisNexis facilities staff members focus on continuous improvement, so that customer experience is always positive. LexisNexis invests heavily in protection architecture to prevent worms, viruses, and hacking attempts. Additional security studies are conducted by third party contractors. 

At LexisNexis a philosophy of Reliability, Availability, and Performance has helped establish data centers that house one of the most complete and comprehensive collections of information in the world.

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