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February 15, 2012 Issue 4
Six Easily-Preventable Mistakes That Bloggers Make with List Posts

Articles consisting of numbered lists are popular formats for blog posts. Readers are attracted to lists, they stimulate conversation and it’s a clean way to organize information. But it’s also easy to make mistakes when writing a list post. (Ever read an article promising 12 tips and only delivering 11?) DailyBlogTips shares some of the most common errors. Learn more ...

Boost SEO for Your Blog with Anchor Text

You can attract new readers to your blog if your content appears toward the top of relevant search engine results. Debbie Ronco explains how to use “anchor text,” or keywords linked to other relevant Web pages, within your articles to improve your search engine rankings. Learn more ...

Top 10 Tips for a Law Blog to Generate New Business

Research shows that blogs are the most effective, least expensive form of online marketing for lawyers. But not every attorney has success with blogging. Why not? Infrequent posts, content that’s not of interest to prospective clients and more. Larry Bodine discusses the top 10 ways to improve your law blog and attract new clients. Learn more ...

Which Blogging Platform Should I Use?

Carpenters have a saying: “Measure twice, cut once.” In other words, invest some time in planning before you take an action you might regret. And the same is true of legal blogging. Before starting a new blog, study your technology options to choose the platform that’s right for you. Lifehacker reviews some of the popular options. Learn more ...

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26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

To write great blog posts, you need more than just great content. Social Media Examiner looks at the other elements that contribute to terrific content, from images to a compelling title, from good descriptions to author bios. Learn more ...

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