Alliance Partner Program

As part of the LexisNexis Alliance Partner Program, we believe that communication and collaboration are the keys to a successful partnership that unlocks your organization’s potential. As a LexisNexis Alliance Partner, you will be a member of an elite team that has a whole new way of looking at opportunity. Suddenly the business and government landscape becomes less daunting. Your goals become attainable. Your teams excel.

Who Benefits from the Alliance Partner Program

  • Resellers: Create new revenue streams with value-added customer solutions that leverage our expertise.
  • Software Integrators: Enhance your current applications to give your customers access to our online data, batch and analytics solutions.
  • Consulting Partners: Recommend, implement and integrate our best-of-breed data solutions into your strategic initiatives.
  • Technology Partners: Provide technology solutions that complement our data fusion and analytics solutions.

Get Started Today

Get enhanced service and add value to your own product and service offerings as a LexisNexis Alliance Partner. It's a bold strategic move that will give you a real competitive advantage.

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"We're here to help our partners grow their business through the unparalleled collaboration and support provided via the Alliance Partner Program."

Rick Trainor,
Chief Executive Officer,
Business Services