Green Initiatives & Environmental Standards

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is committed to sustainability - to reducing our consumption and environmental impact. We do so by not only reducing waste generation and the use of water and energy in our operations, but also by monitoring and tracking our progress every day.

As a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier, we are held to a very high standard of environmental performance. In accordance with that standard, we contribute to Reed Elsevier’s effort to assess, prioritize and mitigate environmental risks. This includes adherence to Reed Elsevier’s Environmental Management System, which is based on the ISO 14001 global environmental standard.

We are also part of Reed Elsevier’s Environmental Champions network. This global corporate initiative gives us the chance to work with other Reed Elsevier businesses to identify, implement and track environmental best practices. All of which inspires us to find new ways to achieve sustainability in everything we do.

Risk Solutions and the Environment

As part of our environmental efforts, we continue to reduce our waste, energy and paper usage. Currently, our offices recycle more than 50% of our waste. We also recycle all computer hardware and accessories, with each location receiving third-party certification for recycling and/or destruction. Whenever possible, equipment in good working order is donated to charitable organizations.

In addition to encouraging paper conservation, we also limit paper purchases, where practical, to grade 3 or 5 paper as recommended by PREPS (Publisher’s database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing.)

In an effort to improve energy efficiency in our data centers, we have installed hot aisle/cold aisle systems to improve airflow. In conjunction with more efficient cooling units, our data centers are now cooled using significantly less energy.

While we recognize that there is still much to be done to reduce our impact on the environment, we also know that it all starts from the ground up. Our employees are key to helping us reduce our carbon footprint and supporting conservation efforts in our communities. And as we continue to make progress with these green initiatives, we are actively seeking out more ways to promote environmental awareness and action.

Reed Elsevier Environmental Standards

Organizations must achieve five of the standards to achieve green status. Locations that meet seven or more standards will achieve Green+ status.

Area Standard Evaluation Type
Reporting Accurate reporting through the Reed Elsevier Environmental Survey Management
Certification BS 8555 Phase 1 Management
Travel Develop and implement a local travel plan Management
Energy 5,000 kWh per person or EPA energy rating of 69 Performance
Climate Change Develop and implement a local travel plan Performance
Water 10m3 per person Performance
Water 65% diverted from landfill Performance
Office paper 2,800 pages per person Performance
Data centre performance 1.7 Power Usage Effectiveness Performance
Award External recognization by a third party Performance