Our Employees Are Our Most Important Group of Stakeholders.

We're never fully satisfied. In fact, one of our primary objectives is to successfully engage our employees by providing meaningful opportunities for their professional and personal growth. But this can only be done through a measurement of our progress as an organization. How motivated are our employees? Are we effectively communicating our strategy? Would you recommend working at LexisNexis?

So, we created a baseline of employee engagement scores (through the Risk Solutions Employee Engagement Survey) and focused our yearly efforts to create and maintain a business environment where talented people want to work. The results were not surprising either. We found that our employees feel motivated to go the extra mile for colleagues and customers. They're committed to contributing to the company's success.

And for those areas where we fell a bit short, we've formed employee focus groups, management committees and other company-sponsored activities to assist our core leaders in developing our company's strategy.

One of those areas was providing our employees career development opportunities. As a result of the Employee Engagement Survey, we found that we needed to do a better job at providing each Manager with an opportunity to learn and grow. So, we formed the Learning and Leadership Development Program:

Learning and Leadership Development Program (LLDP)

Goal: To provide education, exposure and experience to help measure managers' personal and interpersonal competencies, personality traits and cognitive skills.

Results: Personalized Individual Development Plans that lead to the following:

  • Fosters the leadership competencies that enable organizational growth and business performance.
  • Enhancement of organizational leadership and business acumen by broadening manager's competency proficiency.
  • Development of a common language and approach to leadership effectiveness.
  • Establishes an ongoing platform for continuous development.