Case Study

Case Study:
Anderson Seafoods

Anderson Seafoods

Anderson Seafoods’ expansion into the online retail space goes swimmingly with LexisNexis® Retail Fraud Manager

With the first transaction using LexisNexis® Retail Fraud Manager, our problems with managing chargebacks were over. We instantly got hours back to focus on growing our business. It’s a real competitive advantage.

-Alberto Andrade,Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Business Development
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Building a stellar reputation over 30 years as a leading wholesale seafood provider to the West Coast’s finest restaurants, grocers and hotels perfectly positioned Anderson Seafoods to enter into the world of retail e-commerce. Anderson was confident they could leverage significant economies of scale and excellent supplier relationships to bring consumers a superior seafood product 3-8 days fresher than available elsewhere. After working to design a flawless next-day delivery logistics plan and a flavorful customer-friendly website, Anderson Seafoods opened their online store in early 2011 and brought access to premium quality seafood to consumers all across the United States.

Products Used

Retail Fraud Manager
Automate workflow and connect fraud detection tools


Anderson Seafoods e-commerce offering was met with rave reviews and instant repeat customers, yet it also attracted unwelcome attention from fraudsters— targeting the new site with fraudulent orders. Manual order reviews, frequent phone calls to merchant services and efforts to prevent chargebacks added a minimum of a half hour of back office work to each transaction. Time-consuming validations, costly chargebacks and lost product concerns were wasting valuable man hours and taking the focus off growing the business. As demand for their online store grew and the 2011 holiday season loomed ahead, Anderson Seafoods knew they needed to take a proactive stand in the fight against retail fraud.


LexisNexis® Retail Fraud Manager offered Anderson Seafoods a solution for managing Card Not Present transactions that seamlessly integrated into their order workflow and delivered a stronger level of fraud defense. Since fresh seafood orders are very time sensitive, the ability to instantly access leading fraud detection tools and automatically execute information searches to resolve exceptions played a large role in Anderson choosing Retail Fraud Manager. “Being able to have the product interface with our retail site and integrate into our front and back-end processes makes Retail Fraud Manager easy to use, ” observed Alberto Andrade, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Business Development, Anderson Seafoods, “The initial implementation went very smoothly, and our experience with Retail Fraud Manager has been very positive, thanks to the ongoing support of LexisNexis® team members and their ability to provide on-the-spot resolution whenever a question arises.”


The implementation of Retail Fraud Manager was completed in November, just ahead of the busy holiday season. Anderson Seafoods first holiday season as an online retailer beat all forecasted projections. They were able to fully leverage specials, flash sales and subscription sales sites to drive even more business to their site. With Retail Fraud Manager in place, the revenue-draining manual reviews all but disappeared, leaving the Anderson team with greater peace of mind and the renewed focus needed to manage their successful holiday debut and concentrate on fulfilling the multitude of orders. “For Anderson Seafoods, LexisNexis is our secret weapon for gaining competitive advantage,” shared Alberto Andrade, “Retail Fraud Manager delivered capabilities that enabled us to grow our business and keep the focus on providing incredible service and amazing seafood to our customers.” Due to their proactive efforts to mitigate the challenge of retail fraud, Anderson Seafoods continues to make a splash in the online marketplace and anticipates further growth of their online brand in the year ahead.

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