Case Study

Case Study:
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Enhances Real-Time Crime Solving with LexisNexis® Advanced Investigative Solution
Law enforcement officials were able to match a description with a suspect in less than 10 minutes using technology developed with the LexisNexis® Advanced Investigative Solution platform.

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The mission of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is to promote public safety and strengthen domestic security. Headquartered in Tallahassee, FDLE conducts independent investigations and coordinates multi-jurisdictional and special criminal investigations with local, state and federal authorities in four key investigative focus areas: major drugs, violent crime, public integrity and fraud/economic crime.

Products Used

Advanced Investigative Solution
Analyze complex data to link places, people and events


  • FDLE officials were informed of a child abduction from the maternity ward of a local hospital.
  • Police response was immediate, but the suspect had already left the hospital.
  • Officials had limited information to work with—a vehicle description and partial tag number that could normally take days or weeks to track down manually.
  • Speed was crucial in identifying the suspect and recovering the abducted child.


  • Leverage a specialized investigative solution known as dFACTS, a tool developed with the LexisNexis® Advanced Investigative Solution platform.
  • Enter the three known license plate characters into dFACTS to run a wild card search—a powerful feature which produces license plate and vehicle matches based on incomplete information.
  • Use instant results to narrow down suspect vehicles based on location and other relevant factors and alert local authorities within minutes.


  • Matched the description with the suspect in less than 10 minutes.
  • Recovered the infant unharmed in a neighboring city within an hour and 15 minutes of receiving initial report.
  • Solve cases faster, save more lives and better protect the public with fast access to critical data.
  • Preserve department resources that would normally be spent manually following up on leads.

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