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Case Study:
Midpoint Resolution Group

Midpoint Resolution Group

Midpoint Resolution Group: Raising the Profitability Bar with LexisNexis® Collections Solutions

In a head-to-head comparison we found that Accurint for Collections delivered a substantially higher right-party contact rate and enabled us to collect 40% more money than the competitive solution

- Alex Kowton, Managing Partner
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Midpoint Resolution Group, based in Buffalo, New York, provides a full range of collections services including pre-collection, skip tracing, contingency recoveries, commercial collections, letter series, bankruptcy and probate services, and litigation and arbitration services. In early 2007, Midpoint set a goal of increasing revenue and expanding its client base. The company expected to benefit from the growth in demand for collections services stemming from the dramatic increase in consumer, corporate and government debt.

Products Used

Employment Screening Enterprise Edition
Make quicker, confident global pre- and post hiring decisions


  • Stimulate business growth and expansion by identifying the most accurate and powerful research and skip tracing tools available.
  • Growing industry competition necessitated a demand for increased operational efficiency.
  • Debt-savvy consumers were increasingly able to outsmart their collections efforts.


  • Performed a true head-to-head comparison between the company’s two preferred providers: LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections and Acxiom® Insight.
  • Selected ® Accurint® for Collections as the preferred research tool for skip-tracing and identification of right party contacts (RPCs).


  • Accurint for Collections identified 176 percent more RPCs and returned contact information for debtor relatives on 66 percent of its contacts, compared to less than 31 percent from Acxiom Insight.
  • Collected an estimated 40 percent more money from the pool of debtors researched with Accurint for Collections than from those researched with Acxiom Insight.
  • Attracted top clients and grew from 15 employees to 50 in nine months due to increased efficiency and better results.

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