Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics

The incredible volume of data that flows through health care organizations holds the secret to improving care and reducing costs. The key to success is being able to turn that data into action. LexisNexis® leverages data mining technology with advanced predictive analytics to enable health care organizations to make better decisions and improve the quality of health care outcomes and operational efficiencies.

In a world of decreased budgets and increased scrutiny, it has never been more important to ensure members of your staff are spending time with the right members. Whether you need to redirect resources to a patient at the point of care or refer specific members to disease case management or preventive programs, LexisNexis helps you make decisions about what to do — and when.

We offer solutions that go beyond simply managing care and service. We put the necessary data at your fingertips to help drive effective decision making at every level. Managing, and controlling, your patient population requires the right resources, delivered at the right time. Whether those resources are available should not be the question you have to ask. Delivering on expectations is our primary focus so that you can focus on delivering exceptional care.

Our solutions analyze outcomes, patient compliance and provider efficiency – and compare them to evidence-based guidelines and benchmarks, incorporating severity and other adjustments. From there, we help you uncover areas for improvement.

Our solutions can be customized to serve providers, commercial health plans, third-party administrators, self-insured, ACOs, Medicaid and state agencies, Medicare plans and sponsors, and Health Information Exchanges. We help health care organizations harness clinical, financial and administrative information, giving them a unique perspective to make smarter decisions about population management, patient care, resource allocation, provider and contract management, and more.

More than that, the analyses we provide proactively guide health care organizations to thrive amid healthcare reform, changing regulations and emerging care models.


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