Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management

Stay ahead of rapidly evolving consumer financial conditions with the unique data, cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics and deep experience delivered by LexisNexis® Credit Risk Management solutions.

Building on thirty years of serving government and Fortune 500 companies with information solutions, our data goes beyond traditional credit bureau scoring to provide a complete consumer profile, including insights that enable you to better predict consumer behavior. In addition to insights at customer acquisition, you’ll know more about current customers so you can expand opportunities and extend relationships.

  1. Additional Uses of Alternative Data for Credit Risk Decisioning
    Now, more than ever, understanding one's customers and prospective customers, and accurately assessing their credit worthiness, is of critical importance. This paper attempts to provide a more complete picture of alternative data and how it can be used to get a better understanding of a consumer's risk profile.
  2. Successfully Lend to the Underbanked Consumer
    The recent turmoil in the credit market challenges retail lenders to consider all viable avenues for profitable growth. Opportunities lie in the use of new technologies that provide incremental growth in existing markets while opening up new and alternative markets for growth. In particular, the long-ignored underserved population is a very large untapped market that is garnering new attention from financial institutions and other lenders. In this paper, LexisNexis answers questions such as, "Why should lenders consider the underserved market as a growth opportunity?" and "How do Thin-File consumers and No-File consumers perform in terms of creditworthiness?"
  3. Evaluating the Credit Risk of Non-Traditional Borrowers
    Non-traditional data can augment credit bureau-based scoring techniques helping lenders discover profitable prospects and more accurately evaluate the creditworthiness of applicants.


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In 2011, there were 7.1 million newly reported identities. A large percentage of these identities are not accessible through traditional credit reporting sources, which has a huge impact on the types of financial services they will have access to.

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