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Minimize fraud-for-profit, reduce financial losses and help prevent reputational damage with LexisNexis® Real Estate Solutions.

Wide-reaching industry changes and business profitability require a heightened vigilance to combat and reduce mortgage fraud. Our solutions help you comply with aggressive legislative and regulatory developments as well as drive down cost and improve workflow efficiencies as you work to assess and maintain the performance of your portfolio.

Mortgage fraud and risk management solutions

LexisNexis mortgage fraud and risk management solutions are designed to enable you to detect and prevent mortgage fraud associated with transactions, customers, employees and vendors. Our solutions deliver critical data and relevant analytics to drive decisions that help your business prevent mortgage fraud-for-profit and mortgage fraud-for-housing schemes that are widespread in today’s real estate industry.

You can access our solutions in one location at the LexisNexis Real Estate Solutions page, or see the new integration into Ellie Mae’s Encompass loan origination system.

Collateral Analytics®
Expedite decisions with access to expansive valuation insights
Combat identity fraud with sophisticated scoring and leading analytics
Complete identity verification, spot fraud and uncover identity discrepancies in real time
IRS Verify
Raise the level of your lending due diligence integrity
Mortgage Industry Data Exchange (MIDEX®)
Reduce risk with access to industry-contributed reports of contributor-verified misrepresentation and/or fraud
Real Estate Solutions
Conduct mortgage due diligence and research from one location
Relationship Identifier
Identify undisclosed relationships between individuals and businesses
SSA Verify
Streamline identity validations by securely accessing SSA data
Verification of Occupancy
Identify areas of occupancy risk across the loan lifecycle

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