Fraud Defense Network

Fraud Defense Network

About Us
The LexisNexis® Fraud Defense Network:  Fighting Fraud…Together

Welcome to the LexisNexis® Fraud Defense Network, a first-of-its kind initiative that gives insights into fraudulent or suspicious activity by connecting professionals and organizations across industries with resources, knowledge and powerful technology.

Fraudsters have gained sophistication, and often cross industry boundaries, so tried and true fraud mitigation methods of the past are becoming less effective. Fraud Defense Network members can gain the advantage of a cross-industry view to attack the problem more effectively and proactively. Benefits of participating:

  • Leverage  data, research and other information from members outside of your industry to enhance your fraud prevention efforts
  • Contribute to a larger fraud mitigation effort
  • Gain access to a wider distribution and resource network

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Our Executive Team

Bill Madison,

Rick Trainor,
Business Services

Lee Rivas,
Public Sector and Health Care

  • Our Mission:
    To facilitate sharing of information, best practices and data around fraud mitigation across industry and government sectors.

  • Learn how your organization can get involved. Contact us at 844.293.7283