Fraud Defense Network

Fraud Defense Network

LexisNexis® Contributory Risk Repository:
Vast Cross-Industry Data Meets Powerful Analytics for Improved Fraud Detection and Prevention

Those who commit fraud or engage in suspicious activity often don’t limit their activity to one single industry, but make a habit of exploiting gaps in the system. Imagine if you could put your fingers on the many disparate transactions that paint a more comprehensive view of a subject.

The Fraud Defense Network has created the LexisNexis® Contributory Risk Repository (CoRR), a cross-industry database that houses information about fraudulent and suspicious events from organizations in finance, retail, insurance, health care, law enforcement and government, and empowers you to act against fraud faster and with more confidence to keep your organization profitable and competitive.

After data is collected through the risk repository, LexisNexis applies advanced analytics to identify meaningful connections that can not only illuminate past fraudulent behavior, but also help to flag suspicious patterns on future transactions.

Solutions with the Fraud Defense Network Advantage, or FDN Advantage, strategically leverage CoRR data to deliver suspicious event alerts to customers who want an extra edge in their fraud-fighting efforts.

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  • Did You Know?

  • LexisNexis has been involved in creating contributory databases for more than 25 years and we have built a technology infrastructure ideally suited for managing contributory data.