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LexisNexis® Accurint® Mobile

Go Mobile! and Take Accurint with You Into the Field!

Available for Accurint® for Government and Accurint® for Law Enforcement

LexisNexis® Accurint® Mobile gets you One Step Closer to solving cases by providing you remote access to the information you need - anytime, anywhere.

Government and law enforcement agencies across the country can stay connected to critical investigative tools to verify information in the field and rapidly follow up with new leads as they develop.

With instant access to LexisNexis public records you can obtain immediate search results on your mobile device to:

  • Locate people, vehicles, businesses, property and phone information
  • Identify relatives, associates and other crucial information for your investigations
  • Generate comprehensive reports directly on your mobile device
  • Verify the identity of a subject you encounter in the field

Accurint® Mobile now features ID Verification* - exclusive to the mobile web version of Accurint, ID Verification, leveraging knowledge based authentication, allows you to instantly verify a subject's identity while in the field - on the spot, in real time.

For information on becoming a LexisNexis® Accurint® subscriber, please click here or call 888.579.7638.

For support questions, please click here or call 866.277.8407.

* Accurint Mobile with ID Verification is available on the web version on select mobile devices: Apple® iPhone®, Apple® iPad® or Android