Crash Report Automation Solutions

Crash Report Automation Solutions

LexisNexis® eCrash is a comprehensive electronic crash data management system that automates the entire crash report process from initial data capture, to administration and through to report distribution. eCrash streamlines the end-to-end crash data management process by delivering an easy-to-use tool set that supports a seamless, efficient crash report workflow. Keep officers focused on public service and raise the level of investigative impact with this intuitive, no-cost system.

Eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and discover critical crash data insights with an automated system. eCrash is powered by three components that add a new layer of efficiency to your agency.

Simplify initial reporting with eCrash Report Capture. Clear the crash scene faster and strengthen report quality with this tool designed to make the officer’s job easier and safer. Minimize duplicate keying errors with automatic error checks and data validation based on state-issued rules and guidelines. Scan paper based reports in seconds. Speed data capture with drag-and-drop diagramming tools and automatic report transmission to a secure data center.

Streamline reporting workflow with eCrash Admin Portal. Leverage real-time crash statistics and analytics with a secure crash data portal. Track report progress and manage internal approval workflow with the click of a button. Easy-to-navigate dashboards and reporting features improve agency workflow and reduce administrative burdens. Access to aggregated crash data delivers key safety insights while also expanding investigative resources.

Strengthen service levels with eCrash Commerce. Deliver an improved customer experience with 24/7 report availability and online ordering while reducing in-person and phone requests. Securely distribute crash reports and track key metrics and minimize the administrative burden on agency resources. Automate fee collection and deposits and improve revenue reporting.

LexisNexis eCrash is a no-cost crash data toolbox designed to transform your current crash reporting process. This solution represents our commitment to deliver new efficiencies to your agency and officers that help save time, money and fully support your goals of advancing traffic safety and improving the quality of life for the citizens you protect and serve.


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