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Crime Analytics & Mapping

Crime Analytics & Mapping

Public safety and law enforcement officials need the ability to quickly view actionable intelligence on local, regional and national events. The ability to connect and analyze data from disparate law enforcement systems in a user-friendly system is critical. Using strong technology, robust analytics, crime mapping and visual tools, law enforcement is better equipped to make informed deployment decisions when dealing with regional series, patterns and trends.

LexisNexis provides law enforcement with the analytical technology needed to predict, analyze and effectively respond to crime patterns, series and trends. Our suite of solutions provide secure online dashboards that enable data sharing, pattern analysis, crime mapping, predictive analytics and reporting for law enforcement.

These advanced analytical capabilities also help law enforcement analyze past activity, as well as predict possible future activity. For example, our Accurint® Crime Analysis solution allows agencies to discover temporal trends within any set of data, such as calls for service or specific incidents of crimes. It can also be used to predict future hot areas to deploy resources to where crime will happen.

Accurint® Crime Analysis - Software for Predictive Policing
Identify and analyze crime activity and patterns with predictive and analytical software and national mapping tools.
Accurint® Crime Analysis Workstation
Efficiently and accurately analyze and forecast series, patterns and trends.
Community Crime Map
Transparent data sharing to support your community policing efforts.
Relavint™ Desktop
Create custom link analysis charts that incorporate data from public records, existing case files or other sources

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