Defense & Homeland Security

Defense & Homeland Security

In a rapidly changing national security environment, it is mission-critical for agencies to have access to timely and accurate intelligence. We offer the defense and homeland security communities a myriad of services and solutions to meet their complex and unique requirements. 

Our defense and homeland security customers work with our wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, LexisNexis Special Services Inc. (LNSSI). A Board of Directors, that includes members from the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, law enforcement and civilian agencies, governs LNSSI.

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Accurint® for Law Enforcement
Locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives and quickly uncover assets
Accurint® LE Plus
Locate suspects, uncover assets and visualize complex relationships to solve cases faster
ProMonitor™ for Law Enforcement
Automatically watch for persons of interest
Relavint™ Desktop
Create custom link analysis charts that incorporate data from public records, existing case files or other sources

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