Identity Management and Fraud Detection

Identity Management & Fraud Detection

Address improper payments, reduce wasteful abuse of public funds and control access to critical information with LexisNexis® Identity Management and Fraud Detection solutions

Determining benefits eligibility can be difficult and time consuming. The potential for identity theft and fraud is high due to the frequency of incomplete or inaccurate information throughout the entitlements lifecycle. The volume of information that needs to be verified often overwhelms caseworkers. Agencies also face the challenges of assessing the risk of individuals and businesses they are working with directly before providing them with access to government benefits or critical information.

With our fast, secure technologies, your agency can control access to critical information, quickly and confidently confirm identities and assess the risk of both individuals and businesses. Our solutions combine best-in-class data fusion and analytics to efficiently and securely analyze seemingly unrelated pieces of data to provide a multi-faceted view of your subject.

These are just a few of the reasons why more than 4,000 agencies across the country use our robust, flexible tools to control access to critical information, prevent identity theft, mitigate entitlements fraud and ensure benefits and services get to the right citizens in a timely manner.

Accurint® for Government
Locate and identify people, businesses and assets
Accurint® for Government Plus
Visualize complex relationships to locate people and businesses quickly
Instant Authenticate
Confidently authenticate the identity of your customers
Instant Verify
Verify IDs and professional credentials instantly
IVR On Demand
Authenticate customers with our Interactive Voice Response solution
Multi-Factor Authentication
Authenticate a user through multiple factors

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