Identity Proofing

Identity Proofing

Two of the most common requests asked by law enforcement officers of people that they contact are “License and registration, please” and “Identification please.” It is usually the first step in trying to officially identify a detained individual, suspect, fugitive, a person’s relative and/or associate or a victim. The request is both lawful and simple, but a person’s response is often fraudulent and criminal. Today, law enforcement officers use a variety of methods to identify people that they encounter.

Accurint® Mobile from LexisNexis utilizes two key identity proofing solutions called Instant Verify and Instant Authenticate to aid in the positive identification of individuals. Instant Authenticate leverages “knowledge based authentication” (KBA), a process that quickly queries billions of public records to provide the officer with verified data on the identity that is purported. The identity presented is then searched through the 40 plus years of bundled public record data of LexisNexis to verify that the identity truly does exist and is related to the correct person.

Instant Authenticate
Confidently authenticate the identity of your customers
Instant Verify
Verify IDs and professional credentials instantly

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