Solve more cases and improve investigative processes with LexisNexis® Investigative solutions.

Our investigative solutions build upon cutting-edge Accurint® technology to bring government and law enforcement agencies the next generation of excellence in investigative solutions technology. LexisNexis Investigative Solutions provide federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with the best information to help generate quality investigative leads, using the most powerful and extensive public records solutions in the country. These include:

  • Search & Analysis Tools—use robust search and analysis capabilities to access critical information tailored to specific law enforcement challenges, including child abductions, homicides and robberies.
  • Information Alerts & Notifications—receive customizable alerts of key changes in profile information to develop new leads and respond faster to potential criminal activity.
  • Data & Information Sharing—integrate state and regional-specific data sets with comprehensive public records to facilitate entity resolution and cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

Access the most accurate and comprehensive information on U.S. individuals and businesses to analyze billions of authoritative sources to quickly transform data into actionable information. In addition, our solutions facilitate cross-jurisdictional collaboration with powerful information sharing and data fusion tools, in support of specific law enforcement and homeland security missions.

Accurint® for Law Enforcement
Locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives and quickly uncover assets
Accurint® for Government
Locate and identify people, businesses and assets
Accurint® for Government Plus
Visualize complex relationships to locate people and businesses quickly
Accurint® LE Plus
Locate suspects, uncover assets and visualize complex relationships to solve cases faster
ProMonitor™ for Law Enforcement
Automatically watch for persons of interest
Relavint™ Desktop
Create custom link analysis charts that incorporate data from public records, existing case files or other sources

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