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Public Safety

Public Safety

Keeping communities safe from crime, terrorism and cyber threats is paramount. LexisNexis provides a suite of solutions that leverage public records and proprietary data, along with social media information and predictive analytics to give public safety the ability to combat these threats. Our data and advanced analytics can be combined with internal agency data to help resolve identities and provide investigative leads, intelligence and information that can stop threats, solve crime and successfully predict possible incidents.

Our investigative solutions provide federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with the best information and analytics to help generate quality investigative leads, produce actionable intelligence and drive informed decisions. In addition, our solutions facilitate cross-jurisdictional collaboration with powerful information sharing and data fusion tools, in support of specific law enforcement and homeland security missions.

Delivering solutions to help and protect those who protect us

Accurint® for Law Enforcement
Locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives and quickly uncover assets
Accurint® LE Plus
Locate suspects, uncover assets and visualize complex relationships to solve cases faster
Crash Designer
Design crash diagrams more efficiently.
Desk Officer Reporting System
Enhance community services and better address community needs.
Issue complete, legible and accurate citations in minutes.
Instant Authenticate
Confidently authenticate the identity of your customers
Instant Verify
Verify IDs and professional credentials instantly
Law Enforcement Automated Personnel System™
Improve training consistency and accountability
LexisNexis® eCrash
Simplify the management and distribution of accident/crash reports
Officer Daily Activity Report
Evaluate the productivity of your staff with increased efficiency.
Overtime and Scheduling System
Save valuable time and resources with simplified scheduling.
ProMonitor™ for Law Enforcement
Automatically watch for persons of interest
Relavintâ„¢ Desktop
Create custom link analysis charts that incorporate data from public records, existing case files or other sources

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