Revenue Discovery & Recovery

Revenue Discovery & Recovery

Collect more revenue by detecting fraud and enhancing collection efforts with LexisNexis® Revenue Discovery and Recovery tools.

LexisNexis Revenue Discovery & Recovery solutions bring over 30 years of experience in commercial collections to the government sector. Building on our cutting-edge technology, our Revenue Discovery solutions enable government agencies to leverage the power of billions of public records and industry-leading data analytics to boost revenue by improving visibility into the taxpayer across jurisdictional boundaries and detecting instances of fraud.

Additionally, our Revenue Recovery solutions enable your agency to collect more owed revenue by enhancing your ability to prioritize accounts, locate hard-to-find, delinquent debtors and monitor debtor account status.

Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection
Detect fraudulent claims and create new revenue sources
Identity Contact Resolution
Resolve debtor identities and collect more revenue
Revenue Discovery
Detect tax fraud and boost revenue
Revenue Recovery
Collect revenue faster and more efficiently
Tax Refund Investigative Solution
Detect tax refund fraud, combat identity fraud and boost revenue

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