Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

Today’s law enforcement agencies are faced with shrinking budgets, limited resources and technologically sophisticated criminals. Unfortunately, there are too few officers or analysts with access to the right social media tools or data to harness the investigative power of social media.

Agencies must embrace social media tools specifically designed for public safety to stay ahead of crime and threats to the community. They must possess a capability that identifies and locates persons of interest, identifies criminal activity, and that can provide context from known intelligence about offenders, victims, and their jurisdiction to enable crime prevention and effective public engagement.

LexisNexis provides everything public safety needs to turn social media data into actionable intelligence. This includes:

  • near real-time access to global tweets,
  • an easy-to-use interface,
  • geographic and keyword search capabilities, and
  • no additional hardware or maintenance costs.

Our Social Media Monitor solution, integrated into our flagship investigative product – Accurint® for Law Enforcement, adds a virtual canvas to any investigation, enabling law enforcement to verify identities, uncover potential threats and generate a comprehensive view of activity in a geographic area.