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Tax & Revenue

Tax & Revenue

Uncover more revenue by detecting tax fraud and enhancing
collection efforts.

Tax and revenue agencies are challenged every day with identity problems and threats that involve sophisticated digital crime. Whether your agency is tasked with combating tax fraud, protecting taxpayers, or maximizing government revenue, LexisNexis® is uniquely positioned to help you securely combine your in-house data with our unmatched identity repository and our patented identity analytics. We can empower your agency to take a proactive approach to tax fraud and collection issues by focusing on identities.

LexisNexis® Revenue Discovery and Recovery solutions integrate easily into your agency’s workflow to help maximize your return on investment.  Building on our cutting-edge technology and 40 years of experience, our LexisNexis solutions can help your agency:

  • Leverage one of the largest repositories of identifying information in the U.S.
  • Improve visibility across state lines.
  • Increase your chances of discovering fraudsters, non-filers and under-reporters, discovering needed revenue.
  • Recover and collect more debt.

Business Integrity Solution
Detect, investigate and prevent business non-compliance with efficiency and precision
Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection
Detect fraudulent claims and create new revenue sources
Identity Contact Resolution
Resolve debtor identities and collect more revenue
Revenue Discovery
Detect tax fraud and boost revenue
Revenue Recovery
Collect revenue faster and more efficiently
Tax Refund Investigative Solution
Detect tax refund fraud, combat identity fraud and boost revenue

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